Veterinary Program & Services

1VETANIMALS. Animal Health Services

a. Control and Prevention of Animal Diseases 1. Massive vaccination on different barangays against prevalent, infectious and emerging livestock and poultry disease. Hemorrhagic Septicaemia (Hemosept) for carabao, cow, goat and horse. Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and hog cholera for pigs.

Anti-rabies vaccination on dogs and cats was done on barangays, and Bataan has no reported rabies positive case on animal and no human death due to rabies has occurred for the last 3 years.

b. Diagnostic

1. With vigilant surveillance and information dissemination, Bataan has been Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) free province. However, blood sample collection on cattle, carabao and pigs is being done on a semestral basis for laboratory analysis.

2. Avian Influenza/Bird Flu continues to pose a threat to animal and human health in the Asian Region. Bataan, continues to be bird flu free even though Balanga City is a bird sanctuary. With the enactment of provincial Ordinance No. 3 series of 2006, resolution No. 114, the Bird Flu Task Force has been created. This Task Force is continuously monitoring movements of migratory birds as part of the contingency plan in Avian Influenza.

c. Quarantine

1. Monitoring and inspection of all slaughterhouses as well as issuance of veterinary health certificates and shipping permits for animals coming in and out of the province to assure the safety and quality of meat by products for the consuming public.

2. Genetic Improvement

a. Increase the production of genetically superior animals through artificial insemination of cow, carabao and swine. Simultaneous estrus synchronization on different barangays in cooperation of Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) to help the farmers improve their carabao breed. Eight heads of carabull from PCC was loaned to rural areas that can not avail of our artificial insemination services last December 2013.

b. Multiplier farms on dairy goat in Balanga City and Mariveles have re dispersed adult goat to their cooperative beneficiaries.

c. A techno demo farm is maintained in Brgy. Bliss, Balanga City showcasing carabao farming using organic scheme as a profitable industry.

3. Extension Services

a. Animal health management seminars and other information dissemination on barangay level to assist the farmers on their livestock and poultry business.

4. Post Production Services

a. Seminars on meat processing as tocino, longganisa and other processed meat as well as packaging were given to farmer clientele to provide them with alternative livelihood. Associations involved in carabao milk trade was trained to make pastillas and kesong puti using carabao milk.

b. A Farmer’s Livestock School on Goat Enterprise Management is being conducted since March 21, 2014.

c. Seminars for butchers and meat inspector on hygienic practices are conducted with the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS).


1 Veterinary Services ALBERTO S. VENTURINA, DVM 09175760224
  a.  Enforcement of quarantine rules and regulations    
  b.  Issuance of shipping permits for transport of animal outside the province    
  c.  Animal trreatment    
2 Animal Products and By Products Utilization TRINIDAD G. TALLORIN 09285512762
  a.  Meat processing training    
  b.  Meat products packaging    
3 Rabies Coordinator MA. DOLORES M. GARA 09399381286
  a.  Massive anti-rabies vaccination on dogs and cats on barangays    
  b.  Conduct seminar and information campaign to eradicate rabies on animals    
4 Artificial Insemination on Cattle and Carabao MOISES MENDOZA 09391105896
  a.  Improve the productive and reproductive efficiency of local breed of animals OWEN DICK ROMAN 09216878143
5 Animal and public Health services EMMANUEL S. ZULUETA 09053095275
  a.  Vaccination againts infectious, emerging and communicable disease on various     
        farm animals as hemmorhagic septicaemia, porcine reproductive and respiratory     
        syndrome (PRRS), swine flu and hog cholera    
  b.  Upgrading conditions of existing slaughterhouses and ensure meat safety and quality    
  c.  Routine inspection of animal farms to ensure public safety    
6 Livestock Field School on Goat Enterprise Management LOUIE G. TRIPON 09193691188


1. Seminars and trainings for meat processing, animal health management and livestock and poultry development can be availed through a written request from associations/barangays.

2. Massive animal vaccination like anti rabies, hemosept, vitamin treatment and deworming through written request from barangay captain addressed to the Provincial Governor, concerned barangays will be notified by the Provincial Veterinarian on their vaccination and treatment schedule.

3. Individual clients on animal treatment can call 0472373704, calls be accepted and recorded by the Officer of the Day and technician will attend to the clients’ needs. Clients can also come to our Office located at People’s Center, Capitol Comp., Balanga City from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

Provincial Veterinary Office
Address: Capitol Compound, San Jose, City of Balanga, Bataan
Tel./Fax No.: (047) 237-2704