DOST-SEI Scholarship

Department Of Science and Technology Institute - Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI)

The Department of Science and Technology - Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) shall award science and engineering scholarships subject to availability of funds, to high achieving college students who are currently enrolled in any of the following S&T priority courses at State Universities and Colleges (SUC) and CHED Centers of Excellence or Centers of Development (COE/COD):


Agricultural Biotechnology *
Agricultural Chemistry
Agricultural Eng'g.
Agricultural and Biosystems Eng'g. *
Applied Mathematics
Applied Physics
Ceramics Eng'g.
Chem w/ Applied Comp. System
Chem w/ Materials Sci. & Eng'g.
Chemical Eng'g.
Civil Eng'g. *
Computer Eng'g.
Computer Science
Electrical Eng'g.
Electronics & Communications Eng'g.
Environmental Science
Food Technology
Geodetic Eng'g.
Industrial Eng'g.
Industrial Management Eng'g-IT **
Information Techonology
Manufacturing Eng'g Management-Biochemical Eng'g. **
Manufacturing Eng'g Management-Mechatronics & Robotics **
Manufacturing Eng'g.
Materials Eng'g.
Mathematics Teaching
Mechanical Eng'g.
Metallurgical Eng'g.
Mining Eng'g.
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Applied Physics w/ Applied Comp. System
Applied Physics w/ Materials Sci. & Eng'g.
Science Teaching (Bio, Chem, Physics, Physical Science)

* at UP System only
** at DLSU only

D. Where to Secure / File Application

- The application form can be obtained at the Science Education Institute, 2nd Level, Science Heritage Bldg., DOST Cmpd., General Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City, Metro Manila; DOST Regional Offices. It can be downloaded at the website, www.sei.dost.gov.ph and www.science-scholarships.ph.

- Accomplished form can be filled at the Science Education Institute, or DOST Regional Office nearest to applicant's home address.

The Test Permit/s shall be mailed to the DOST Regional Office for distribution to the applicant/s. In case the test permits are not received within the week before the examination day, the examinees may inquire from the DOST Regional Office and check the nearest designated test center a day before the examination.

E. Scholarship Requirements

a. An awardee shall comply with the terms of the Scholarship Agreement to be entered into between himself/herself, parents or legal guardian and the DOST-SEI.
b. After signing the Scholarship Agreement, the awardee's name shall be included in the lists of scholars needing clearance from DOST-SEI forwarded to the appropriate government agency for tracking purposes.
c. An awardee shall maintain the grade requirement of the scholarship for its continuance until completion of the course.
d. Upon completion of his/her course, an awardee shall serve in the country, preferably in his/her home region, on full-time basis along his/her field of training for a minimum period equivalent to the length of time he/she enjoyed the scholarship.

F. Examination Coverage

The examination shall be an achievement test which includes Logical Reasoning, Engineering, Sciences, Mathematics and English. Two (2) different tests will be administered: one (1) set for Engineering students and another set for those taking up basic sciences and other applied science courses.

G. Final Selection

Selection of the scholarship awardees, after approval of the DOST Secretary, is final and unappealable. Availment of the scholarship grant shall take effect Second Semester of AY 2014-2015.