BATAAN, “The Triumph of the Spirit,” a province reminding us of the not-so-distant past in history – old canons, Death March markers, monuments, and shrines like the Shrine of Valor in Mt. Samat are conspicuous in its environs.

The landmarks serve as the destinations for local and foreign tourists. But what many people still do not know is there is much more to do in the peninsula. In the provincial government’s endeavour to promote, develop and enhance the tourism potentials of the province, the Bataan Tourism Council Foundation Inc., a non-stock and non-profit organization, headed by Mrs. Vicky S. Garcia, wife of Governor Enrique T. Garcia, serves as its supporting arm. Its vision is to explore and improve the probable tourist destinations in our locality and it serves as a vehicle in promoting the interest and welfare of member-organizations towards the attainment of its common objectives. Furthermore, the council takes actions in making Bataan the vacation capital of the Philippines through its rich History, Culture and Arts highlighted by the province’s sports tourism

The team of government and non-government organizations support various fun and adventure activities of sports enthusiasts, including trekking, airsoft, practical shooting, circuit racing, motocross, and mountain biking, in order to promote the province as a sports tourism hub for both national and international market.

Bataan lies snugly in the bosom of two major mountains, Mount Natib and Mount Mariveles. About 80% Bataan is mountainous and hilly, among these two towering peaks are secondary ones such as Mount Samat, Mount Limay, Kaput Hill, Mount Malasimbu, et al, making it and ideal destination of mountaineers, mountain bikers and adventurers.

Bataan is likewise a destination for those who respect the beauty and the power of the mountains. We welcome to discover her, to respect her, to be embraced by her beauty and splendour. It lends you enough reason, enough challenge to conquer yourself and your perceived limitations. Explore Bataan and submit yourselves to the Raging Peninsula experience!!!


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