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Pawikan Conservation Center

Pawikan Conservation Center.

Located in Brgy. Nagbalayong is a home devoted to raise awareness about the preservation and propagation of endangered marine turtles aptly called Olive Ridley. The coastline where the Pawikan Conservation Center sits is place to the original nesting sites of these endangered species. It is managed by the people who used to be Poachers turned into protectors of these sea creatures.

The mission of the community based program is to secure the eggs laid during the nesting season between September and January. Every November, Pawikan Festival is held here to give appreciation and spread awareness, to let people know that we need to take care of these creatures, not only for us, but for the future generations to come.

Cliché as it may sound, it is but the truth. Make sure to visit and be amazed with these gentle sea creatures and be part of the advocacy, Help Save the Pawikan!