Social Welfare

07 Jun PSWDO Auxiliary Services

  • Assessment on the eligibility of clients for Financial Assistance (Medical, Burial, Housing/Shelter);
  • Rice Subsidy Program to Service Providers;
  • Enrollment to Health Insurance Program of PGB’s Job Order Employees, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Barangay Health Workers and Barangay Tanods;
  • Libreng Libing Program;
  • Provision of Mobility Assistive Devices;
  • Provision of Educational, Nutrition and Health Services to children ages 3-4 in Child Development Centers;
  • Emergency Shelter Assistance;
  • Educational through transportation assistance for the Hearing Impaired High School Students;
  • Livelihood Assistance to Rebel Returnees
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05 Jun Case Management (Individuals In Difficult Circumstances)

Case Management (Individuals In Difficult Circumstances)

A strategy to empower the vulnerable sectors of children, youth, women, persons with disability and elderly. Organizing and sustaining them from the barangay, municipal, city and provincial enables them to develop positive self-image, improve relationships, promote healthy lifestyle and equip them on productivity skills that will later on uplift their social conditions.

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