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The Cultural Heritage Preservation Division is responsible for the preservation of the province’s cultural heritage through various programs of the Provincial Government.


Excellent public service that encourages multi-sectoral engagement.


By 2030, Bataan will achieve quality growth driven by diversified economic investments and efficient governance resulting in STABLE and empowered families.

Projects, Programs and Activites

  1. Cultural Heritage Awareness – This project aims to spread awareness about the cultural heritage of the province. It may involve conducting educational campaigns and events to educate the public about the province’s history, traditions, and cultural practices.
  2. Local Cultural Inventory – The objective of this program is to identify the province’s local cultural property and include it in the existing inventory list. This information will be submitted to national agencies for validation and recognition, which will enable the province to preserve and protect its cultural heritage.
  3. Restoration of heritage sites and markers – This program aims to restore neglected heritage sites and historical markers throughout the province and ensure their preservation. This may involve restoring old buildings, statues, and other cultural artifacts, as well as maintaining their integrity through regular maintenance and repair work.
  4. Bataan Creatives Directory – This project aims to create a directory of creatives who either reside in or have roots in Bataan. It will serve as a demographic database, which will be of great help in strengthening the arts and culture in the province. It will help to identify talented individuals and enable the province to promote their work.
  5. Bataan Provincial Museum and Library – This program aims to collect memorabilia related to Bataan Heritage, such as local works of art, old photographs, personal belongings of significant Bataeños, memorabilia of economic/social/political/religious activities in Bataan, rare books, religious artifacts, and library materials. This will enable the province to preserve and showcase its cultural heritage to the public.
  6. Bahay-Wika and Master-Apprentice Learning and Language Program – The objective of this program is to revitalize the Ayta Magbukun language of the Ayta community in Bangkal, Abucay, Bataan. This program will help to preserve the language, which is an important part of the community’s cultural heritage.
  7. Rehabilitation of town plazas and parks – This program aims to redevelop town plazas and parks and incorporate the preservation of the built heritage. This may involve restoring old buildings and monuments in these public spaces and incorporating elements of the province’s cultural heritage into the design of these areas.

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