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Internal Audit Services

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The Internal Audit Services (IAS) is mandated to conduct a separate evaluation or appraisal of internal control system to determine whether controls are well designed and properly implemented. In the conduct of evaluation, the IAS shall determine the extent of compliance and assess the adequacy of controls embedded in operating and support systems/units, as well as evaluate the performance of programs, projects, and activities of the LGU.


To provide independent, effective, efficient and value adding Internal Audit Services designed to promote transparency, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of management and operations of the Provincial Government for the citizens of Bataan.


A team of highly competent and multi-disciplinary auditors that provides innovation, integrity and quality audits designed to add value and improve operations of Provincial Government of Bataan.

Duties and Functions

  1. Ascertain the reliability and integrity of financial and operational information and the means used to identify, measure, classify, and report such information;
  2. Ascertaining the extent of compliance and reviewing the systems established to ensure
    compliance with government policies, plans, procedures, laws, and regulations that have an
    impact on the operations;
  3. Ascertaining the extent to which the assets and other resources of the institutions are
    accounted for and safeguarded from losses of all kinds;
  4. Reviewing and evaluating the soundness, adequacy, and application of accounting, financial, and other operating controls and promoting the most effective control at a reasonable cost;
  5. Reviewing operations or programs to ascertain whether or not results are consistent with established objectives and goals and whether or not such programs are being carried out as planned;
  6. Evaluating the quality or performance of departments in carrying out their assigned
  7. Recommending corrective actions on operational deficiencies observed;
  8. Conduct whirlwind audit activities;
  9. Tabulate feedback collected from internal and external clients of different PGB offices;
  10. Monitor the PGB Feedback 360 platforms;
  11. Monitor the Audit Observation Memorandums being issued by Commission on Audit to the PGB;
  12. Perform such other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned or delegated by the LCE or as may be required by law;
  13. Conducts the Workforce Requirement Assessments for different offices seeking additional manpower or replacement of resigned employees; and
  14. Performs other tasks as assigned.

Organizational Chart

IAS Performs the Following Responsibilities:

    Audit the LGU’s financial statements and records, including its revenue and expenditure transactions, to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and policies.
    Audit the effectiveness of LGU’s internal controls adopted in the operating and support service units/systems to determine whether or not they achieve the control objectives over a period of time or as of a specific date.
    Audit the LGU’s operations and processes, including the efficiency and effectiveness of its programs and services, to identify opportunities for improvement.
    Audit the LGU’s compliance with laws, regulations, and policies, including procurement and financial management policies.
    Audit the LGU’s IT systems and processes, including cybersecurity, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its information.
    Audit to detect and prevent fraud and other forms of mismanagement within the LGU.
    Audit the LGU’s performance, including the effectiveness and efficiency of its programs and services, to determine whether it is
    achieving its objectives.

Accomplishment Report


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BANTAYAN is a semi-annual presentation of the Internal Audit Services (IAS) Office’s accomplishments under the Provincial Government of Bataan (PGB). The word “Bantayan” means “to look after” or “a place where safeguarding is existing” in Filipino. The IAS Office is mandated to look after the internal control system as well as the performance of programs, projects, and activities (PPAs) of various departments and offices of the PGB.
Bantayan presents the activities undertaken by the IAS Unit/Office for the first semester of this Fiscal Year 2022.

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