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Under EO No. AD 02, S-2005, the Iskolar ng Bataan is mandated to produce at least one professional child in every household to alleviate the lives of every family in the province and be gainfully employed in the industries invested inside and outside Bataan.


Being the driving force behind accessible, high-quality education and enhancing the potential of every unique Bataeño by providing them with a variety of scholarship grants that will enable them to pursue their academic and professional passions and contribute to the eradication of poverty by promoting the establishment of strong and healthy families in the Province of Bataan


Empowering all Bataeños in creating a more equitable and inclusive community, where every youth has the opportunity in reaching their full potential and contributing to the formation of stable and healthy families in the Province of Bataan

Duties and Functions

  • Undertakes activities upon proper instruction from the Governor to facilitate the implementation of Scholarship Program of the Provincial Government of Bataan and other related projects under the Office of the Provincial Governor.
  • Provides scholarship assistance to incoming/college students, Gurong Iskolar, Vocational scholarship program and financial assistance for board/bar review.
  • Ascertain that the Iskolar ng Bataan Scholarship Program is properly administered and implemented.
  • Plan and develop policies, procedures, standards and guidelines for the improvement of operations of Iskolar ng Bataan.
  • Coordinate with the appropriate offices and/or agencies for the implementation of the educational program and services of the province.
  • Represent the province in seminars and workshops with the aim of improving the standard of education within the province.
  • Monitor all allocated funds of Iskolar ng Bataan Program.
  • Provide assistance to PGB programs and activities.

Organizational Chart


Provide scholarships assistance to incoming and college students to help them pay for their college education.

A one day activity where the newly qualified batch of scholars are gathered to be informed and oriented regarding the process, policies and upcoming events of the Scholarship Program.

Validation of grades for the undergraduates’ scholars and Gurong Iskolars must be done every semester in order for the beneficiaries to maintain their scholarship.

It intends to help college graduates, displaced workers, unskilled, and jobless Bataeños to further enhance their abilities through training and assessment.

A financial assistance for students who are enrolled in a review center to take their Board/Bar examination. This service will help them ease the expenses of their review such as enrollment fees, cost of books, review materials, transportation expenses and cost of living. The applicant will need to submit their requirements prior to the date of their examination. The applicant is only allowed to apply once and must not be residing in City of Balanga. The residents of Balanga City can submit their requirements at the City Social Welfare Development Office (CSWDO).

A program of Iskolar ng Bataan in partnership with the Bataan Peninsula State University and DepEd Division Office. This service will enhance the professional knowledge and skills of teachers in molding and developing well-rounded and life-long learners by providing incentives for post-graduate studies through the Gurong Iskolar ng Bataan Program.

A one day activity of Iskolar ng Bataan where Newly Qualified Batch of Gurong Iskolars are gathered to sign the contract and be oriented regarding the process and policies of the program.

A program providing educational assistance intended for PUP Mariveles students residing in Bataan.

A program of Iskolar ng Bataan in partnership with Land Bank of the Philippines to release the scholarship grants of the beneficiaries through their ATM card.

A service provided by the office to assist beneficiaries with lost, damage and are requesting for replacement.

Accomplishment Report

The Bunker

Capitol Compound, San Jose, City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines 2100

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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