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Under SP Resolution #194 and approving Ordinance No. 29. The Human Resource Management Office is mandated to promote sound, efficient and effective management and utilization of human resource as an instrument in the achievement and realization of mission and vision of the province.


Effective quality service from competent, proactive, developed and responsive Human Resources.


PHRMO is a strategic partner of the Provincial Government of Bataan with the guidance of CSC law and rules in attaining quality growth in HR services through committed, qualified, highly responsive and professional workforce.

Duties and Functions

  1. Assist and advise the of department or province, in the development, formulation and execution of policies, rules and regulations in all areas of personnel management in accordance with the Civil Service law and rules.
  2. Implement comprehensive and balanced personnel development programs designed to raise the level of efficiency, effectiveness, and morale of the personnel in the department, agency, province and the Commission of activities and development in these areas.
  3. Establish a sound recruitment and selection system within the organization.
  4. Administer the position classification and compensation system (as prescribed by the Department of Budget and Management) and other employee welfare programs such as medical and hospitalization benefits, health and safety standards, disability, retirement and other benefits.
  5. Help create an atmosphere conducive to good supervisor-employee relations and improvement of employee welfare and morale and recognizes the employee’s right to self-organization.
  6. Assist the department and agency in the development and implementation of performance standards evaluation systems and employee recognition programs.
  7. Conduct exit interview of employees about to retire, resign, transfer or separate from the agency to obtain their suggestions and/or feedback on how to improve organization productivity and performance.
  8. Provide inputs in the development and implementation of human resource training and development programs.
  9. Establish and administer a continuing employee suggestions and incentives and awards systems for the improvement of people performance and productivity.
  10. Maintain a complete and up-to-date personnel information system.
  11. Attend grievances of discourtesy and other similar acts reported by a dissatisfied client transacting business in the office concerned.
  12. Submit the corresponding report to the head of agency, copy furnished the Civil Service Commission.

Organizational Chart


A Strategic Initiative of the PHRMO intended towards a long term move by re-aligning organizational goals and strategies to that of the current employment trends and demands against labor only contracting and/or contractualization. Our goal is optimization of PGB workforce for empowerment and commitment.

Considering the improvement to the well-being and productivity of a healthy workplace, it makes sense to foster workplace wellness program. Employees in good physical and mental shape also set a person up to be great at their job. Employees’ sports development, wellness programs are effective way to ensure that they are in the right shape to do their best work. A healthier body results in a productive, more efficient and sound mind that lets the person maximize his/her full potential.

It aims to reach a higher level of HR maturity level in the four core functions namely Recruitment, Selection and Placement (RSP), Performance Management (PM), Learning and Development (L&D) and Rewards & Recognition (R&R). The main focus of Integrated Level (Level III) is focused on the establishment of HRIS for all these 4 core processes, data driven decision-making.

FB PAGE’s Messenger that will serve as the platform of our Online HR Frontline Service in line with the new normal to cater our services. The FB Page is only open during office hours and will be operated by our frontliners. Applicants, Current and Separated Employees should like our page in order for them to have transaction with us. This initiative will help reduce face to face transaction and queue as it only requires the client to visit our office when the requested documents are ready for pick-up.

Job Posting with the use of Facebook as the platform to post job advertisements of PGB. The purpose of this initiative is to inform and attract potential job candidates in a wider range since Facebook is one of the popular social media app. Applicants can submit their application online by sending thru e-mail or submit it personally in our office.

To ensure the right hiring and recruitment as well as the retention of high-performing, competent, and credible civil servants; PHRMO continuously strive to improve the HR Systems in PGB through the development of a competency-based RSP manual. The first part on the creation of the CB RSP Manual is the writing of the competency table and position profile for all positions of PGB offices whether filled or vacant.

The Provincial Information Technology Office will implement different strategies in utilizing the power of information technology that will provide direct benefits to our operations and harness means towards a much more reliable information dissemination for the province.

The HR Electronic Records Management will keep all records/files secure and safe by duplication of their counterpart soft copies. This will also protect and preserve the documents from any physical risk/damage and establish a back-up database. This project aims to improve client satisfaction by providing faster response time in processes related to records management.

Succession Planning is the process of preparing an individual who will take the role of a manager or a leader in an organization by providing appropriate competencies and experiences to ensure continuity of management. It is a systematic approach that will enable the Provincial Government of Bataan to identify talented and competent employees and provide development opportunities to fill key or critical positions.

  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement
  • Performance Management System
  • Employees Records Management
  • Employee Leave Administration
  • Payroll Preparation
  • Employee Grievance/ Discipline
  • Job Order Appointment
  • Benefits and Rewards
  • Internship Service
  • Learning and Development
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Online Job Application
  • Pre-Qualifying Examination

Accomplishment Report

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