Provincial Information Office

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  1. Formulate measures and provide technical assistance/support to the governor and various departments under the PGB, in providing information and data required for the efficient, accurate and timely delivery of basic services so that the public becomes aware of said services and may fully avail of the same;
  2. Develop plans and strategies and, upon approval by the governor, implement the same, particularly those which have to do with public information on support programs and projects;
  3. In addition to the foregoing duties and functions, the information officer shall:
    1. Provide relevant, adequate, accurate, and timely information to the general public;
    2. Furnish information to government agencies or offices and non-governmental organizations as may be necessary;
    3. Maintain effective liaison with various sectors of the community on matters and issues that affect the livelihood and quality of life of the residents;
  4. Be in the frontline in providing information during and in the aftermath of manmade and natural calamities, disasters and pandemic, with special attention to the victims, to help minimize injuries and casualties during and after the emergency, and to accelerate relief and rehabilitation;
  5. Recommend to the governor on matters relative to public information as it relates to the total socioeconomic and health development of the local government unit;
  6. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

Duties and Functions


  • Create multimedia materials to facilitate efficient promotion of PGB programs and services aimed at informing/educating the general public
  • Implementation of a social media strategy which involves identifying social media channels that are most effective for communicating with the target audience, and a content plan that is aligned with the overall communications strategy of the province.


  • Write and publish news articles on the various advocacies, activities, events, developments and services of the PGB aimed at providing timely, accurate and relevant information that will have a positive impact on the general well-being of every Bataeño family.
  • Formulate a communication strategy which involves identifying the goals and objectives of the province's communication plan, defining the target audience and key messaging, and determining the best communication channels to reach the target audience.


  • Render administrative and logistical assistance whose functions include
    coordination with various offices under the PGB and other LGUs as necessary; property/financial management; and motor vehicle maintenance.

Organizational Chart

Accomplishment Report

Video is a way to broadcast events to an online audience.
With this, social media will be utilized to engage Bataeños in some of the most important events of the Provincial Government of Bataan by going on live and video messages on Facebook and other social media flatforms. The use of 1Bataan studio will bring programs and interventions of Gov. Joet Garcia and other PGB offices closer to his constituents and will promote involvement, transparency, and trust within the community.

  • Survey for Unvaccinated Individuals
  • Hand Fans
  • Townhall Meeting with Local Chief Executive of the City/Towns
    and Barangays
  • Handog na Bigas para sa Bakunadong Bataeño Program

The Bunker

Capitol Compound, San Jose, City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines 2100

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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