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  • We are a technical and information resource agency, working in partnership with the local government units (Municipal and Barangay) and decision makers , program implementers, community leaders and the civil society.
  • We will be the leading strategic planners , policy and program advocates for the population program.
  • We will create a favorable and enabling policy environment for Population, Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health.


Well- planned, Healthy and Happy Families, responsible individuals, empowered communities, guided by the divine providence living harmoniously and equitably in a sustainable environment.


  • Ensure the speedy, equitable and efficient delivery of employment services delivery to maximize the impact of various employment programs and services at the grassroots level.
  • Serve as referral and information center for the various and programs of DOLE and other agencies presenting the province/area.
  • Provide a venue where people could explore simultaneously various employment options and actually seek assistance they prefer.
  • Network with other PESOs within the region and nationwide for job exchange purposes.

Duties and Functions

Technical Function (Technical Division)

  1. Empower couples and individuals to achieve their desired number, timing and spacing of children in the context of informed choice and responsible parenthood and enable adolescents to realize their full potential and total well-being through appropriate training programs;
  2. Formulate measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to the integration of the population development principles;
  3. Work in partnership with national and local government units, policy and decision makers, program implementers, community leaders and the civil society in the proposal of strategies, plans, policies and programs that will guide population and development principles;
  4. Develop and implement educational and appropriate training program to ensure the people’s participation in and understanding of population development;
  5. Implement constitutional provisions relative to population development services and the promotion of responsible parenthood.

Administrative Function (Administrative Support Division)

  1. Lead the formulation and adoption of coherent, integrated and comprehensive plans, programs and recommendations on population as it relates to economic and social development and people-centered
  2. Develop plans and strategies, as the case may be, implement the same, particularly those which have to do with the integration of population development principles and methods in programs and projects;
  3. Establish and maintain databank of population and development information and program;
  4. Make comprehensive studies of demographic data and expected demographic trends and propose policies that affect specific and quantitative population goals;
  5. Prepare administrative prerequisites of all the population and development programs;
  6. Facilitate all administrative requirements of the personnel and office.

Gender and Development Function (GAD Division)

  1. Lead the TWG of the Bataan Gender and Development Focal Point System
  2. Facilitate the preparation of Gender and Development reports
  3. Facilitate the gender and mainstreaming of the Provincial Government of Bataan

Projects and Programs

  1. The Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning Program (RP-FP) component deals with issues related to sexual and reproductive health, including fertility and family planning concerns. It primarily aims to help couples to realize their desired timing, spacing, and number of children in accordance with their socioeconomic, emotional, and psychological capacity.

  2. The Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program (AHYDP) is POPCOM’s response to the growing awareness worldwide on the reproductive health issues and concerns of the youth and their significant contribution to future population and health trends. Projects conducted under the AHYDP include media outreach, skills training and enhancement programs, peer counseling, and support to other youth programs and projects.

  3. POPDEV is the explicit consideration of socio-economic and demographic interrelations in the formulation of development plans, policies and programs to achieve the nation’s development objectives at the macro levels and the desired behavioral outcomes at the household and individual level.

  4. GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM – POPCOM’s strategies under the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP) are given a high level of gender-responsiveness by the Philippine Commission on Women (the implementing arm of GAD in the public sector). Categorized as either for RP-FP, for Adolescent Health and Youth Development (AHYD), and Population and Development (POPDEV), these strategies are GAD-harmonized and gender-sensitive determined by outputs such as couples sharing responsibilities in responsible parenting as well as age-and-sex disaggregated data banking, among others.

  5. GAD PLANNING, BUDGETING, AND ANALYSIS – Supported by the Department of Interior and Local Government through a signed Regional Memorandum Circular, POPCOM Region III and Central Luzon Association of Population Officers and Workers (CLAPOW) conducted the People-Centered Barangay Gender and Development Planning, Budgeting and Analysis for Barangay Officials. The said activity was conducted as a series of workshops which provided the participants the know-how in GAD Analysis, Budgeting and Planning along with additional concepts on Population and Development Integration necessary for Barangay Officials. Almost all major local government units in Central Luzon have been trained by POPCOM Region III and CLAPOW on the above-mentioned strategy.

Accomplishment Report

The Provincial Population Office of Bataan (PPO) is mandated to serve as the overall coordinating, policy-making, planning, and monitoring body of all population-related programs by:

A. Empowering couples and individuals to achieve their desired number, timing and spacing of children in the context of informed choice and responsible parenthood;
B. Enable adolescents to realize their full potential and total well-being; and
C. Mainstream population factors in sustainable development initiatives.

In doing so, the office has key organizational strategies that are anchored in the Philippine Population Development Program (PPDP) namely: 1) Adolescent, Health and Youth Development Program (AHYD); 2) Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RPFP); and 3) Population and Development Integration Program (POPDEV). In addition, PPO also leads the Technical Working Group of the Gender and Development Focal Point System of the province making Integration of Gender and Development Dimension as its additional key organizational strategy.

Overall, PPO bagged prestigious awards in 2022 which cemented the office’s outstanding efforts, initiatives and performances on population and development not only in the province but in the region and country as well.

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