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A Brief History of Morong


The town of  Morong was originally known as “Bayandati” which was within the jurisdiction of Nagbalayong. Because the land to be cultivated is too small, the people decided to transfer to other places where there is big and wide land to cultivate. When the Spaniards came to the Philippines, some of them arrived at this place. Morong was established by the Franciscan friars in 1578.


At early times, the main source of income of the people of Morong was fishing, farming and selling in Olongapo and Manila using boats and “paraw”. But when Joaquin J. Linao was elected governor of Bataan before World War II, the dream of the people to have a road from Morong to Balanga became a reality in 1969.

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Little by little Morong is becoming a progressive town thanks to the men and women of this town who showed their diligence for the improvement and development of Morong.


Lies in the western part of the province of Bataan, bounded on the west by South China Sea, Baga in the south, Abucay, Samal, and Orani in the east, Hermosa and Dinalupihan in the northwest and Zambales in the north.

It is approximately 50.48 kilometers from the capital town of Balanga and about 174 kilometers from Manila.

Its total land area is 21,920.00 hectares or 15% of the total land area of Bataan. It is the second largest municipality, next to Bagac.

Has about 7,983 hectares included in the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) reservation area and 9,694.99 hectares identified as water shed-primary growth forest area. Has a total population of 18,731 as of 1995, comprising about 3.41% of the total population of the province of Bataan; it is the least populated among the twelve municipalities.


Power distribution is administered by the Peninsula Electric Cooperative (PENELCO), supplied by the National Power Corporation which operates three large power plants in the province.

The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, which was supposed to generate 620 MW of power before it was mothballed is likewise located in Morong, Bataan. This power plant if converted and operated will provide sufficient power supply not only in Bataan but also for the rest of Luzon.

The Municipal Water District within the Poblacion administers water distribution while other barangays derive their water from either private or public artesian wells. However, there are still some families situated in the upland areas who get their water from natural springs in the mountainous areas.

There is one Postal Office servicing the municipality while the Bureau of Telecommunications services telegrams and telegraphs. At present, there is no existing telecommunication system within the municipality. The means of communication is through two-way radios and cellular phones.

The Hermosa Savings Bank is the only bank operating in the area.


Existing industries in Morong include mango/cashew production, vinegar making from nipa palm nuts and basketry from jungle vines. The tourism industry is also on an upswing with the beautiful and untapped beaches of Morong being developed.


With the rest of Morong declared as a subzone, industries targeted for development in the area include the manufacture of component parts or assembly operations as well as the establishment of convention centers, exhibit halls, golf course and clubs, entertainment/leisure and sports center, hotels and condohotels, beach resorts and meditation centers in support of Morong’s tourism sector.

To provide access to the various developments in Bataan Technopark, the construction of one major road network from Balanga to Morong and the 9.43-km access road from BTPI to SBMA are already underway prior to the operation of BTPI. Entry to Morong is also possible through the Subic International Airport or the Subic and Binanga Port. Adequate power and water supply and appropriate solid waste and sewerage systems shall be made available as well as basic telecommunication facilities necessary to access the information highway.

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