Requisition & Issuance of Vaccine

Requisition & Issuance of Vaccine
Philippine Standard Time:

Frontline Service: Requisition & Issuance of Vaccine

Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday to Friday except Holidays (no lunch break)
Please call/text Ms. Donna Samson prior to visit

Who may avail the Service: Rural Health Units, District Hospitals

Category: Simple

How to Avail of the Service:
Step Applicant/Client Service Provided Duration of Activity Person Responsible Fees Form
1 Proceed to PHO (Room 1 – Generic Bldg) to compute requested vaccine/logistics (based from the vaccine inventory provided) Provide client with the actual number of vaccines and other supplies computed 10-20 minutes Donna S. Samson Vaccine Inventory
2 Prepare Requisition and Issue Slip (RIS) Prepare Requisition and Issue Slip (RIS) 10-15 minutes Donna S. Samson RIS
3 Proceed to PHO MCH Bldg. (Room 1 & 3) – RIS to be sign by PHO-I, AO & SO Sign RIS 10-15 minutes Donna S. Samson, Dr. Rosanna Buccahan, Lorena Atienza & Jocelyn Noveda RIS
4 Go back to Room 1-Generic Bldg for the issuance of vaccine Issue computed vaccine Actual time Donna S. Samson RIS
5 Write each antigen receive in Vaccine Inspection & Acceptance Report Form Provide copy of Vaccine Inspection & Issuance Report & Signed RIS Actual time RHU/District Hospital Staff Vaccine Issuance & Inspection Report and RIS

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