Bataan solon proposes historic legislation

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Bataan solon proposes historic legislation

In a groundbreaking move towards gender equality, Bataan Representative Geraldine Roman has announced the introduction of two significant bills aimed at promoting fundamental equality and ensuring the protection of women and children in the Philippines.

In a recent social media post, Rep. Geraldine Roman expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “YES! Konting kembot na lang at malapit nang maging pantay-pantay ang lalake at babae sa Family Code! Dapat lang naman, di ba? Wala nang double standards, patas lang!” The post reflects her commitment to achieving gender equality in the legal framework governing marriage and family relations.

The first bill, titled An Act Ensuring the Fundamental Equality of Men and Women under the Laws on Marriage and Family Relations, seeks to eliminate gender disparities present in existing laws. If passed, this legislation promises to establish a more equitable legal landscape for men and women, eliminating any double standards that may currently exist.

Rep. Roman’s initiative aims not only to address legal discrepancies but also to provide comprehensive protection to vulnerable groups. The second bill, titled “An Act Establishing Resource Development and Crisis Assistance Centers for Women and Children in Every Province and City in our Country,” underscores her dedication to addressing issues of violence against women and children.

The proposed legislation envisions the creation of crisis assistance centers throughout the country, providing essential support and protection to women and children facing violence. This move is seen as a crucial step towards creating a safer environment and fostering a society that prioritizes the well-being of its members.

Commenting on the second bill, Rep. Roman emphasized the importance of establishing crisis assistance centers, saying, “Mabibigyan na rin natin ng karampatang proteksyon ang mga kababaihan at mga bata mula sa karahasan sa pamamagitan ng mga crisis assistance centers”

The bills have gained widespread support from various sectors, including women’s rights advocates, legal experts, and concerned citizens. If successfully passed into law, these measures have the potential to reshape the legal framework governing family relations and provide crucial support for those in need.

As these bills make their way through the legislative process, Rep. Geraldine Roman’s efforts are being hailed as a significant stride towards a more inclusive and protective legal system in the Philippines. The proposed legislation reflects a commitment to equality and justice, signaling a positive shift towards a society where every individual is afforded the same rights and protections, regardless of gender.

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